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Hotel regulations

Accommodation rules in the hostel "TRAVEL INN"

Dear Guests! We are grateful for your choice and appreciate each and every of you, trying our best to make your stay at our hostel comfortable and safe. Instead, we look forward to your respect towards other guests of the hostel "TRAVEL INN" and kindly ask you to observe the following simple rules of accommodation in our hostel.

1. Terms of Arrival and Departure    

Check-out and check-in time – 12:00 noon.  

Early entry is possible in case of available place/room, no extra fee is applied. If there is no available place/room, please wait in the common zone. 

Late check-out is possible, if the place/room is not reserved by the other guest. Extra fee is applied: 10% of the place/room daily cost per each hour.

For accommodation less than 24 hours, there is a daily payment applied regardless of time of arrival and departure.

2. Payment and entry

The payment for the entire period of accommodation has to be made upon arrival. The check-in of the guest has to be done based on his/her passport; for serviceman this is possible based on the military ID; for minors under 14 - based on their birth certificates (additioanally the notarially authorised letter signed by one of the parents for independent accommodation in the hostel has to be provided).

Foreign guests have to have all required/concurrent documents (visa, migration card, etc.).  

3. Reservation

Reservation is free. You can reserve the place/room by phone or through our website: www.m-travelinn.ru. Our administrator will contact you for the confirmation of details of your accommodation one day before your arrival date.

Reservation for groups is possible only based on prepayment.

4. Safety of your belongings

Please do not leave your things unattended. Hostel Travel Inn is not responsible for safety of your belongings, left unattended in the hostel or in your place/room. Before leaving your place/room, please lock your belongings in the personal box or give them to the administrator to lock them in the cloak-room.  

5. Please DO NOT:

- bring the food and dishes to the room and leave them there;

- smoke and take alcoholic drinks and narcotic drugs;

- make a noise or discomfort for other guests;

- keep and bring weapon, narcotic drugs, explosives, chemical substances, radioactive and flammable materials, and mercury;

- use any of the electric heaters (kettle, immersion heater, iron) in your room, light the candles;

- wear walking shoes inside the Hostel;

make a noise from 10:00 p.m. to 09:00 a.m.;

- allow outsiders (who are not leaving here) to stay in the hostel more than one hour.

6. We kindly ask you:

- to keep the hostel clean like your home;

- to clear away your food and wash the dishes after the cooking and eating;

- to keep your mobile devices quiet on your place if there are sleeping guests;

- to observe the fire safety rules;

- before leaving the room, please close the windows, turn off the light and TV, if there are no other guests;

- to friendly communicate with other guests and to enjoy your stay in our hostel!

7. Cleaning

We do cleaning every day, change the bed clothes every five days, change the towels every three days. Every guest gets free set of bed clothes and towels. We pick up the garbage every day. Bathrooms and toilets are disinfected every 2 hours.

8. Children

Accommodation with children is possible, considers on individual basis.

9. Pets

Accommodation with pets considers upon request.

10. Video surveillance

Video surveillance is installed in our hostel for your security and service improvement.

10. Violation of accommodation rules

The guests are responsible for breakage and/or loss of the hostel property. The administration of the hostel reserves the right for early eviction of any visitor or guest, if (s)he violates the accommodation rules and public order, bothers other guests, or is drunk. In this case the administration does not reimburse amount paid for the accommodation.